Set of cartridges "SVOD" Deferrization 2_OF_BB20
ресурс: 100 м3 (при содержании железа в воде 2 мг/л)
price: 3,000 UAH
Set of cartridges "SVOD" Deferrization 2_OF_BB20
Set of cartridges "SVOD" Deferrization 2_OF_BB20
For water with an iron content of up to 2 mg / l, it is recommended to install a set of "SVOD" cartridges. Iron removal 2_OF_BB20.

To increase the degree of retention by divalent iron, it is necessary to install the oxidizing cartridge "SVOD" Deferrization.

The first filter stage:
Oxidizing cartridge "SVOD" is a polypropylene cartridge with increased hydrophilicity (processed with singlet oxygen). Removes mechanical impurities, sand, rust, silt, scale, large suspended particles to further activate the surface of the filter.
The resource depends on the composition of the source water and in case of loss of capacity, as a result of scraping (clogging) of iron compounds and other suspended particles, it is necessary to replace it.

Resource - up to 6 months
Size, inch - 4,5 * 20
Second filter stage:
Cartridge "SVOD" De-ironing - is designed to purify water from dissolved and dispersed (insoluble) in water iron compounds. Improves the color, smell and taste of water.

Filtering is carried out in three stages:
The first stage is the removal of cations of polyvalent metals (Ca, Mg, Fe, etc.);
The second stage is a filter for coarse purification and postoxidation of Fe (II) to Fe (III). When water passes through the fiber, iron compounds dissolved and dispersed in water are removed. The fiber is processed to form a complex of functional groups on its surface that ensure maximum extraction of iron compounds (iron oxides, iron salts, etc.).
The third stage is a mechanical fine filter with increased hydrophilicity. Thanks to the additional activation of the surface of the filter, the fine fine particles and other mechanical impurities are pre-trapped.
Resource cartridge - 100 m3 (with the iron content in water 2 mg / l) *
The temperature of the water passing through the cartridge is from 5 ° C to 40 ° C
Reduction of water pressure when passing through the cartridge - from 0.2 to 0.4 kgf / cm2
Height - 500 mm
Diameter - 110 mm
Thread diameter - 1 "
Performance of the cartridge - no more than 1 m3 / hour **
The maximum water pressure is up to 0.6 MPa (6 atm).
* At higher values ​​of the Fe level, the resource is determined using tables (additional photo).
** Optimal filtration result at a performance of 300 l / h

Oxidizing cartridge "SVOD" Iron removal - 1 pc.
Cartridge "SVOD" Iron removal - 1 pc.
Passport and user manual - 1 pc.
Set of cartridges "SVOD" Deferrization 2_OF_BB20
Set of cartridges "SVOD" Deferrization 2_OF_BB20