"SVOD-TVN" Professional (10 to 100g)
price: 208 UAH
"SVOD-TVN" Professional (10 to 100g)
"SVOD-TVN" Professional (10 to 100g)
Designed specifically for service centers, i.e. for professional service An indispensable product for cleaning and preventing washing machines from scale. Using this means, you are guaranteed a delicate and effective removal of lime-scale deposits, rust, mildew and detergent residue from all surfaces of heating elements and internal parts of appliances, increase the service life of the equipment.

From now on, the descaling procedure is easier and more efficient! Leave it to "SVOD-TVN" Professional!
Using the tool, be sure to observe the precautions listed on the packaging. In contact with the skin, rinse abundantly with water.
Rinse the equipment necessary to conduct at a temperature of 30-40 0C.
All products of the series CBOD® are acknowledged with the "Green line". This certificate guarantees high consumer qualities and environmental friendliness.
Packing – polyethelene container
Packing - 10 bags of 100gramm
Weight - 1kg

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"SVOD-TVN" Professional (10 to 100g)
"SVOD-TVN" Professional (10 to 100g)