Filter "SVOD" Deferrization + SVOD-AS ST250 / F5 (L1 / 2) connection - brass thread
ресурс: до 42 000 л
price: 455 UAH
The filter is designed to protect the surface of heat exchange from scale and corrosion (including the removal of previously formed), as well as to reduce the iron content in water and remove manganese (connection - brass thread).
The filter cartridge consists of two modules, which provides two-stage protection of heating equipment:
The first stage is the deferrization module:
reduces the iron content in water. It removes insoluble (trivalent) iron from the water, besides it transfers soluble (divalent) to insoluble form and filters it. Thus, the iron content in the water decreases to the normative indications (0.2-0.3 mg / l), and manganese is also removed.
The second stage is the anti-scale module "SVOD-AS":
provides protection of heating elements of all types from the formation of scale and other deposits. Destroys the previously formed scale.
As a result of applying a filter with a ST250 / F5 cartridge, the scale does not form, the heat exchange surface does not overgrow with rust, the service life of the water-heating equipment and sanitary ware increases, and gas and electricity consumption is saved.
Size - 10 inches
Resource filter - up to 42 000 liters *

Connection - 1/2 "(brass thread)
The temperature of the treated water: from 5 to 40 ° C
Operating temperature of heated water: from 5 to 105 C º
The maximum water pressure is up to 0.6 MPa (6 atm.)
The filter capacity is 1 - 2 m3 / h
Lifetime (cartridge) - 1 year
Shelf life (cartridge) - 3 years

* Provided that the water meets the GOST "Drinking water"
* At elevated values ​​of iron (Fe) and rigidity, the resource is determined from the graphs in Fig. 2 and 3.

Complete set of the product:
Filter housing
Filter cover
Cartridge "SVOD" S250 / F5
Passport and operating instructions
Calendar replacement

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