Filter "SVOD " Deferrization FT10 (L1 / 2) connection - brass thread
ресурс: до 70 000 л
price: 357 UAH
Water conditioning filter "SVOD" Deferrization is designed to remove iron from tap water (connection - brass thread).
As a result of the application of the filter, the content of ferric and ferric iron is reduced to standard readings (0.2-0.3 mg / l), manganese is removed in water, rusty stains on plumbing are prevented, metal odor and taste are removed from the water.
The filter protects household appliances and plumbing from premature repairs.
When installed in a drinking water purification system, it is recommended to place a mechanical cleaning after the filter.

Size - 10 inches
Resource filter - up to 70 000 liters *

Connection 1/2 "(brass thread)
The temperature of the water passing through the filter is from -5 to 40 ° C
The maximum water pressure is up to 0.6 MPa (6 atm.)
The filter capacity is 1 - 2 m3 / h
Service life -1 year
Shelf life - 3 years
* Provided that the water meets the GOST "Drinking water"
* At higher values ​​of iron (Fe), the resource can be determined from the graph in Fig. 2

Filter housing
Filter cover
Cartridge "SVOD" F10
Passport and operating instructions
Calendar replacement

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