Filter "SVOD" Mechanics + Deferrization MT10F
ресурс: до 70 000 л
price: 587 UAH
Filter "SVOD" Mechanics + Deferrization MT10F
Filter "SVOD" Mechanics + Deferrization MT10F
Three-stage filter for cleaning water.
The filter consists of two flasks:
- the first module of mechanical cleaning;
- the second module of deferrization cleaning.
The first stage is mechanical cleaning module:
provides pre-treatment of water, purifies from impurities, sand, rust, silt, iron scale, large suspended particles.
The second stage is deferrization module:
Provides reduction of iron content in the water. It remove from the water insoluble (ferric) iron, also transfers the soluble (ferrous)one to insoluble form and filters it. Thus, contents of iron in water are reduced to the required indices (0.2-0.3 mg/l), and manganese is removed.
Mechanical filter:
The term of use is up to 6 months, depending on the contamination of the filtered fluid.
Operating temperature for cartridge for cold environments up to 45 ° С
Filter life span: 70 000 liters
Size: 10 inches

The temperature of treated water: +5 ... +40 °C
Maximum water pressure: up to 0.6 MPa (6kgs/cm2 )
The performance of the filter:
3/4": 1,5 - 3 m3/hour
1/2" to 1 - 2 m3/h
1": 3 - 5 m3/hour
Service life (of the cartridge): 1 year
Shelf life (of the cartridge): 3 years
Fitting size: 1/2 or 3/4 (see packaging)
*Subject to suitability of water for GOST "drinking Water"
*With increased values of iron (Fe) and the hardness of water, you can define the graphs in Fig. 2 and 3
Package contents of the product:
Filter housing – 2pcs
Filter cover – 2pcs
Clips – 4pcs
Cartridge SVOD Mechanics – 1pc
Cartridge Deferrization – 1 PC.
Supporter – 2pcs
The connecting fitting 1, 1/2, or 3/4” (see packing) –2pcs
Connector of the flasks (8) – 1 PC.
Safety data sheet and operation manual
Calendar of replacement

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Filter "SVOD" Mechanics + Deferrization MT10F
Filter "SVOD" Mechanics + Deferrization MT10F